American Red Cross – The First Aid App and the Team Red Cross App

Adam Rosengard currently serves as a partner and managing attorney at Rosengard & Moles, LLP, a general law practice in Philadelphia. Outside of his professional endeavors, Adam Rosengard supports a number of charitable organizations, such as the American Red Cross.

The American Red Cross recently issued an article to encourage people to explore and utilize its diverse range of valuable applications, including the First Aid app and the Team Red Cross application. To help users address the most prevalent first aid situations, the Red Cross First Aid app features instructional videos, step-by-step guidance, and interactive first aid quizzes. The application is also linked with emergency medical services and includes a 911 call button. Because content is preloaded, the application’s important information is available without Internet connection or reception so users can access safety and first aid tips in isolated environments, or during severe weather conditions.

The Team Red Cross app helps community volunteers learn about volunteer opportunities during and after emergency scenarios. With the app, volunteers can receive volunteer request notifications and job overviews, enabling them to more rapidly assist emergency shelters, disaster assessment teams, and bulk distribution efforts.


A Brief Explanation of the Bankruptcy Process

Graduating with a juris doctor from Rutgers School of Law-Camden, where he participated in a voter’s rights project, Adam Rosengard recently cofounded Rosengard & Moles, LLP. Along with his partner, Adam Rosengard practices in several areas, including criminal defense, family law, and bankruptcy cases.

What is involved in declaring bankruptcy? The process begins with a consultation in which the attorney will discuss finances and possible debt relief choices, with bankruptcy serving as one debt relief option. If bankruptcy is determined as the most appropriate route, the attorney will help determine whether to pursue an elimination of debts (Chapter 7) or a reorganization of debts (Chapter 13). After explaining his or her fees, the attorney will begin case preparation, including taking calls from creditors.

The bulk of the casework consists of writing and filing the bankruptcy petition, which can run as long as 30 to 60 pages. The lawyer will make sure his or her client has the chance to check the petition for accuracy.

Once the petition has been filed with the bankruptcy court, the filer is protected by an automatic stay, an injunction that requires collection attempts and related creditor activities to stop.

The person filing for bankruptcy must attend a 341 hearing in which he or she will testify to the accuracy of the petition. Creditors may attend the meetings, but rarely do. A person filing for bankruptcy must also complete credit counseling and debtor education briefings.

Before the court makes its decision, the attorney must file other motions, depending on the case’s jurisdiction. In Chapter 7, the attorney must indicate which collateralized assets, such as a house or car(s), his or her client wishes to keep. In most cases of Chapter 13, the attorney will file other documents in the event the court wishes to dismiss the case or if creditors try to prevent the automatic stay.

Once the case has been discharged, none of the creditors may attempt to collect the debts listed in the agreement.

The Dimensions of an Ice Hockey Rink

Adam Rosengard presently oversees activities at his law firm, Rosengard & Moles, llp., a general practice based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Adam Rosengard remains highly active outside of his professional life. He often spends time camping and plays in a men’s ice hockey league.

A traditional ice hockey rink will measure 200 feet long by 85 feet wide, with the rectangular rink’s four rounded corners each having a radius of 28 feet. The rink must be surrounded by a white board measuring at least 40 inches high but no higher than four feet. The white board will be grounded by a yellow kickplate; other colors may be permitted at the league’s discretion for rink advertisements and other exceptions.

The goal posts and net for an ice hockey game, meanwhile, should measure exactly 48 inches high by six feet wide. The two four-foot-high posts must be connected by a cross bar made of the same material as the posts. White nylon nets must adhere to a variety of measurements and restrictions, though the primary concern for them is that they be secured in such away that a puck shot into the net will not leave the goal area.

Supporting the Southeastern PA Red Cross at the 2015 Red Ball

An alumnus of Rutgers University School of Law and a cofounder of Rosengard & Moles, LLP, Adam Rosengard developed experience at the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office before joining a legal defense team in Trenton, New Jersey. Also a Red Cross volunteer, Adam Rosengard lends his support to local disaster recovery programs.

Business professionals throughout southeastern Pennsylvania are invited to support the local Red Cross chapter at the annual Red Ball, to be held in Philadelphia in March of 2015. Established as a “party with a purpose,” this “red-tie” event features dancing, live entertainment, raffles, and dozens of the region’s premier restaurants. All proceeds go to support educational programs at the Please Touch Museum and the Red Cross House, which provides free lodging and support for families in times of crisis. The Red Cross House is supported exclusively through donations, and it has housed thousands of individuals since its founding in 2003.

The 2015 Red Ball will be held on March 7, 2015, at the Please Touch Museum. For more information about location and ticket pricing, visit the Philadelphia Red Cross event page at

The Importance of Legal Representation in DUI Cases

A licensed attorney with the Pennsylvania Bar Association, Adam Rosengard helps clients in the Philadelphia region with a variety of legal matters. One of Adam Rosengard’s areas of expertise is representing individuals who have been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances.

Getting charged with a DUI, or driving under the influence, is a very serious event. The accused individual may be unsure how to proceed or whether or not he or she needs to seek legal representation. Many times, individuals choose to simply plead guilty to the charge, especially if it is a first offense or if the person’s blood alcohol level was particularly high at the time of the incident. However, a lawyer who has a high degree of expertise navigating the system can be of significant assistance and provide important legal advice.

Having good legal counsel is even more important in the case of a repeat DUI offender. Repeat offenses engender stiffer penalties, such as longer jail sentences. An experienced attorney can potentially help the person plea bargain to reduce the severity of the charge or the sentence, or get the charges dismissed altogether.

Ways to Volunteer at the Special Olympics

Prior to becoming partner of his firm Rosengard & Moles, LLP, attorney Adam Rosengard gained invaluable hands-on experience through positions at the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office and Philadelphia City Solicitor’s Office. Outside of work, Adam Rosengard supports charitable organizations such as the Special Olympics.

Standing as the largest sports organization in the world for children and adults with disabilities, the Special Olympics offers training and competitions for more than 4.2 million athletes. Participants hail from 170 countries, and training and events provided by the Special Olympics are perennial, giving athletes the opportunity to compete whenever they feel ready.

Organizations as large and perpetually busy as the Special Olympics rely on the time and energy of volunteers to operate at peak efficiency. The Special Olympics maintains hundreds of offices around the world; volunteers looking for ways to contribute should start by researching branches near their location. With so many athletes involved in sports year-round, the organization is always open to coaches who wish to put their knowledge of and passion for a sport to good use.

Even students can get volunteer for Special Olympics. Students of high school or college age can become a coach or Fan in the Stands, a passionate observer who comes to events to cheer on athletes.

Camp Save a Life Provides Youth With Safety and First Aid Skills

A licensed attorney in Pennsylvania, Adam Rosengard offers representation in a variety of practice areas. Outside of working for his firm, Adam Rosengard enjoys camping, and occasionally volunteers for the American Red Cross, which offers a free camping program for youth in southeastern Pennsylvania.

Camp Save a Life offers annual week-long camping sessions over the summer months for youth ages 10 through 14, providing them opportunity to learn valuable new skills. Participants learn the elements of disaster preparedness and leadership. In addition, the camp provides CPR and first-aid training aimed at official certification. The camp is designed to deliver these skills in an educational and enjoyable environment.

Camp activities are held at the Red Cross House from morning to mid-afternoon. All participants in the week-long sessions receive daily lunch and a snack. If all spots are filled, parents can contact the program’s volunteer and youth service manager to place their children on a waiting list.

The 2014 camping period included seven sessions during June, July, and August. To read more about Camp Save a Life and see details on future camping periods, visit the program’s webpage at