Ways to Volunteer at the Special Olympics

Prior to becoming partner of his firm Rosengard & Moles, LLP, attorney Adam Rosengard gained invaluable hands-on experience through positions at the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office and Philadelphia City Solicitor’s Office. Outside of work, Adam Rosengard supports charitable organizations such as the Special Olympics.

Standing as the largest sports organization in the world for children and adults with disabilities, the Special Olympics offers training and competitions for more than 4.2 million athletes. Participants hail from 170 countries, and training and events provided by the Special Olympics are perennial, giving athletes the opportunity to compete whenever they feel ready.

Organizations as large and perpetually busy as the Special Olympics rely on the time and energy of volunteers to operate at peak efficiency. The Special Olympics maintains hundreds of offices around the world; volunteers looking for ways to contribute should start by researching branches near their location. With so many athletes involved in sports year-round, the organization is always open to coaches who wish to put their knowledge of and passion for a sport to good use.

Even students can get volunteer for Special Olympics. Students of high school or college age can become a coach or Fan in the Stands, a passionate observer who comes to events to cheer on athletes.


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