The Dimensions of an Ice Hockey Rink

Adam Rosengard presently oversees activities at his law firm, Rosengard & Moles, llp., a general practice based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Adam Rosengard remains highly active outside of his professional life. He often spends time camping and plays in a men’s ice hockey league.

A traditional ice hockey rink will measure 200 feet long by 85 feet wide, with the rectangular rink’s four rounded corners each having a radius of 28 feet. The rink must be surrounded by a white board measuring at least 40 inches high but no higher than four feet. The white board will be grounded by a yellow kickplate; other colors may be permitted at the league’s discretion for rink advertisements and other exceptions.

The goal posts and net for an ice hockey game, meanwhile, should measure exactly 48 inches high by six feet wide. The two four-foot-high posts must be connected by a cross bar made of the same material as the posts. White nylon nets must adhere to a variety of measurements and restrictions, though the primary concern for them is that they be secured in such away that a puck shot into the net will not leave the goal area.


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