American Red Cross – The First Aid App and the Team Red Cross App

Adam Rosengard currently serves as a partner and managing attorney at Rosengard & Moles, LLP, a general law practice in Philadelphia. Outside of his professional endeavors, Adam Rosengard supports a number of charitable organizations, such as the American Red Cross.

The American Red Cross recently issued an article to encourage people to explore and utilize its diverse range of valuable applications, including the First Aid app and the Team Red Cross application. To help users address the most prevalent first aid situations, the Red Cross First Aid app features instructional videos, step-by-step guidance, and interactive first aid quizzes. The application is also linked with emergency medical services and includes a 911 call button. Because content is preloaded, the application’s important information is available without Internet connection or reception so users can access safety and first aid tips in isolated environments, or during severe weather conditions.

The Team Red Cross app helps community volunteers learn about volunteer opportunities during and after emergency scenarios. With the app, volunteers can receive volunteer request notifications and job overviews, enabling them to more rapidly assist emergency shelters, disaster assessment teams, and bulk distribution efforts.


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