About Adam Rosengard


Prior to earning his juris doctor from Rutgers University School of Law in 2013 and accepting a position as an assistant attorney at a Trenton, New Jersey, firm, Adam Rosengard gained valuable hands-on experience in the legal field through the completion of several internships. He spent most of 2011 and 2012 as an intern and volunteer with the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office. Assigned to the South Bureau, Northwest Bureau, and Juvenile Division, his duties grew from preparing files and consulting with witnesses and defendants to writing and litigating motions and preparing for and prosecuting more than 400 cases. Thereafter, Adam Rosengard interned with the Philadelphia City Solicitor’s Office and the Children’s Justice Clinic, representing minors in juvenile delinquency cases.

While pursuing his law degree at Rutgers School of Law in Camden, New Jersey, Adam Rosengard pursued numerous other activities to strengthen his knowledge of law while giving back to the community. He became a member of Rutgers Street Law, a network of law students who provide resources to students at Camden High School allowing them to learn about the legal system through mock trials and other activities. Adam Rosengard also participated in Rutger’s Voters’ Rights Project, a pro-bono, nonpartisan program that works in collaboration with the Camden County Board of Elections to better engage voters in the election process.


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